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For any fan who decides to seek ORO seems unthinkable today not consider using a metal detector.

Metal detectors are a tool that can facilitate your work incredibly for gold, as it will help you decide where to look and can quickly rule out other places.


In ancient artisanal technique for gold it was to be tested by trial and error to find the place where the gold was because they did not have any similar to metal detectors that could indicate more accurately where to search technology.

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This fact causes many veins of gold hidden underground and may have remained untraced and untapped in the past. Although nevertheless it is difficult to find one of these virgin deposits of gold, since the absence of metal detectors, the main extraction technique was to remove huge amounts of land in areas where it was supposed to be gold.


The use of metal detectors is an excellent option to search again, or Search- gold in these places that were exploited in the past, because if there was gold is quite possible that there is still some. With a metal detector you can easily find gold nuggets that once went unnoticed or were simply forgotten, or descartadas- due to the operating technique used.


Search for gold in rivers a metal detector will also be of great help, like to find old coins or any other hidden treasure.


Metal detectors are a relatively modern invention compared to the history of the search for gold. While gold man has sought throughout its history, for thousands of years, metal detectors have appeared on the scene about half of the twentieth century (in the fifties). So any attempt to seek gold previous to this date lacked this modern technology.


Rescanning old gold mines and other places like auriferous rivers with the help of a metal detector seems an excellent idea. You'll be in a place where gold is probably still with the help of a technology than in the past sought gold before you did not.


So far all they seem -and are- advantages when using a metal detector to search for gold, however some drawbacks such as the high price of a good metal detector for gold serve there too. In the market there are a lot of metal detectors with an extensive range of prices, but not all are suitable for gold, especially cheaper.


A metal detector for gold should have the ability to discriminate between different metals, in order to differentiate when the sensed signal is belonging to some gold. In addition you must have the widest possible scope to find gold deposits and buried deeper. It is also interesting also, to use the detector to search rivers, which is submersible.


Therefore, without intention to enter specific brands' Well there are many good-, a detector that meets at least these basic features will not be the cheapest. However if you plan to seriously devote to look for gold a metal detector will be an excellent investment, especially if you find gold with your help.