Mugdock Country Park Anti aircraft gunsite

This is the heavy anti-aircraft gunsite at Mugdock Country Park, just north of Glasgow. Finished late in the war, it was designed for four 3.8 inch Vickers guns, but was never actually used.

These are the holdfast bolts used to hold the gun in position.

This is the crew shelter within the pit. Gunsites built pre-war did not have this facility, and they were hurriedly added on in hindsight after guncrews suffered casualties from low-level German air attacks in the Battle of Britain.

his shelter was used for servicing essential parts of each gun.

And number four gun.

Number three gun.The channel in the middle of the holdfasts carried cables which carried data from the rangefinder/predictor equipment in the Command Centre

This is number two gun.

The Command Centre. The rangefinder would have been in the bay nearest the camera, the predictor at the opposite end.

The interior of the centre. All plotting of enemy aircraft engaged would have been done here.